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Here’s How to Prepare for Brake Safety Week

As the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s Brake Safety Week is scheduled for Aug. 20-26, inspectors will focus on brake linings and pads during this year’s event.

Here are tips to help ensure your brake linings and pads pass inspection and you stay on the road, free of violations:

• Inspect visible portions of the brake lining and pads during pre- and post-trip inspections.

• Look for grooves in the drum from rivet contact, as well as other signs of linings missing.

• Examine the shoe-to-drum clearance for adequate lining on the shoe

• Look for signs of leaks from the hub or other components that could be contaminating the lining/pad surface.

• Look for missing lining blocks.

• Examine lining blocks for visible cracks or voids.

• Check for exposed rivets or lining blocks that look loose on the shoe.

• Give extra attention to the condition of the rotor on disc brakes. Look for heavily rusted rotors across the friction surface on either side or metal-to-metal contact.

• Ensure any repairs are consistent with manufacturer guidelines.

• Look for concerns in your driver vehicle inspection reports.

Source: Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance