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All-In Truck Parts of Indiana wants you on the road prepared for summertime temperatures for your next trip. Before you hit the road this summer, there are a few items to double check to ensure your truck is ready.

The last thing you want is to be stuck on the side of the road without A/C this summer. Double check that refrigerant levels, compressor, and fan are working correctly and ready for the summertime heat. Now through June 30, get 10% off any Alliance Brand A/C parts.

Check the thread depth to ensure that there aren’t any visible signs of wear and tear on your tires. By making sure all tires are inflated to the recommended pressure level, this will improve fuel efficiency on the road. Our specialists at All-In Truck Parts of Indiana are equipped for bulk orders so you are prepared on your next trip.

Summertime temperatures can cause your truck’s engine to overheat by having old oil in your motor. Avoid the issue of a breakdown and stock up on bulk orders. Stop by our location to buy in bulk and feel prepared for the summer conditions for the months to come.